Jenna’s Helpful tips for Ghd Styling

Jenna - Hair JennarationHair Jennaration

Many of you may find it difficult to use a Ghd to curl, flick and add movment to your hair so I’ve found something that costs nothing and can give you a variety of different types of waves and curls.

In the picture I’ve used a simple skewer and wrapped it in foil then wrapped Jess’s hair around the skewer then all you need to do is softly clamp your Ghd or hair straightener over the rolled up hair tapping around to spread heat evenly.

Never leave the straightener on hair for more then 3 seconds and you MUST always use a Thermal protector (my fav Thermactiv by DNA Organics).

You probably wouldnt do this all over your head as it would take forever but a few scattered curls with other types of curls looks great for a glamor soft rock style thats in for this winter 2013.

Other things to wrap in foil may include; large texter, cotton real, ruler.. get creative!! You may find some nice cylinder shapes in the kitchen draw, so no need to spend the money on curling wonds and tongs. Must have products!! Good shampoo and conditioner moisture or colour saving. Make sure its ‘Sodium laureate sulphate’ free, as this is a detergent!  Moisture or Protein treatment is what we should be treating our hair with once a week. Thermal protecter as mentioned before. Leave in moisturizer…. Do not use a Leave in conditioner as they can cause more damage then good.

Remember hair products can help your hair but you have to make sure you look after the inside of your body too.

Hair is made up of about 97% protein. Low protein can cause dull, thin, lifeless hair even hair loss!! Protein and Omega 3 good fatty acids encourages hair growth so here are some healthy hair boosting foods; Salmon, Walnuts, Oysters, Eggs, Spinach, Greek Yogurt, Blueberries, Sweet potato, Lentils.Other common things like stress, lack of sleep, smoking, medication, pregnancy, weather and other regular things can cause changes to our hair so you may need to speak to your doctor or naturopath if you have concerns.